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TOPIC: Covid Fever

Covid Fever 1 week 1 day ago #26313

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100% with you there Bill.

The more people I meet...............the more I love my Family of dogs......and if for some reason my dog does not like someone, there is a very strong chance I wont like them either !

Stay Safe and Well !

Pete F
The Older I Get........The Better I Was !
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Covid Fever 1 week 8 hours ago #26319

  • Kawboy
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I had an interesting eye opener morning today. As part of my wife’s latest heart issues and medications, she has to have blood work done every 2 weeks to ensure the new medications are not messing up other organs. We head in to Markham to the hospital to get her blood work done at the satellite building beside the hospital. We get to the door entrance to that satellite building and see a sign on the door saying the entrance is closed and you have to enter at the main entrance to the hospital. They are funneling all inbound traffic to the main entrance and then through interconnected elevated walkways, you can access the other satellite buildings. Not well thought out as now my wife with heart issues has to walk about ¼ of a mile through the hospital and walkways to get to the area of the building whee the blood work can be done (which was 50 ft inside the entrance that was closed)
In the mean time I wait in the car at the main entrance to the hospital and observe about 400 people enter the facility. What in eye opener. Some people were wearing wool mittens, others rubber dishwashing gloves, some disposable plastic gloves, some with nitrile disposable gloves but most with bare hands. Those wearing some form of gloves did not use the hand sanitizer at the station just inside the door since, well, “I’m wearing gloves?”
The lack of understanding/ training as to “Why” we need to use the sanitizer just disturbs me to no end and it’s probably because of my training with working with contamination at the nuclear power plant. I had extensive training working in contaminated atmospheres where airborne and surface contamination surrounded us when in a reactor building.
People have picked up this virus outside of the hospital and when they get so sick that they can’t remain at home, they show up at the hospital for help. The contamination started outside the hospital and now it’s going to end up inside the hospital in likely a more concentrated form.
The sanitizer stations are an interface to help minimize the cross contamination for outside to inside AND from inside to outside. The most likely form of contamination is from surface to hands and back to surfaces. Wearing gloves may protect you but touching surfaces with the gloves will transfer contamination from surface to surface. Not using the sanitizer will allow cross contamination.
All this terrifies me for the simple face that people have no idea what they are doing and their only focus is on self protecting. If we don’t get a handle on this cross contamination, our only hope will be some sort of vaccine so we may live in the surroundings of this virus. The sooner we get control of this virus, the sooner we can get back to some form of normal life, what ever that may be.
I post this hoping that it stimulates some thought and possibly helps as you consider what you are doing when out and about in public.
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Covid Fever 1 week 8 hours ago #26320

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Thanks for that kb. This is exactly why the very thought of "Donny" saying <....... "we can go back to work after Easter....>, is Idiotic, Absurd, Irresponsible and DANGEROUS ! His "health" officials" continue to pander to this fool and don't have the gonads to tell him to shut-up about this fantasy.
I know we are all watching with morbid curiosity, the situation in "Nar-leans", N.Y. and the other major hot-spots in the U.S.
The only thing "Pres.-T" is concerned about is his dwindling inheritance and his elitist friends.......if he has any remaining.
Seems the individual States are still on their own for policy making and they appear to be ready to defy the "Orange House" and continue with the World recognized Advice. procedures and cautions . BRAVO !

President Donald Trump was asked about the possibility of sending reinforcements to the northern border during a press conference Thursday evening.

"We have very strong deployments on the southern border, with Mexico. We had some troops up in Canada. But I'll find out about that," he said, before suddenly linking the issue to steel tariffs.
"I guess it's equal justice to a certain extent," he said. "You know, we have a lot of things coming in from Canada. We have trade — some illegal trade that we don't like. We have very strong sanctions on some. We have very strong tariffs on dumping steel. And we don't like steel coming through our border that's been dumped in Canada so they could avoid the tariff."

I can think of some "Equal Justice " !
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Covid Fever 1 week 6 hours ago #26321

  • McBoney
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I had a similar eye opener today when I stood in line for over an hour at 2-3m distance from others in line all around the vast car park of our local Tesco. At least it wasn't raining!

At the entrance, all that caution was rendered null and void as people going in bumped into people coming out (they have two entrances, why not make one in and one out??) and karts were swapped - a nice gesture, but with the contamination risk... utterly stupid. Particularly as most people were not wearing gloves and I saw no one wiping the handles. Fortunately my daughter carries disinfectant spray and 80% alcohol hand sanitiser.

Once inside the shelves were 90% full again, but in the fresh fruit/veg section people were 'handling' the produce to test ripe-ness or god-knows-what. I only took stuff what was wrapped or on the bottom of the pile and every item was washed at home under the tap. All fruits will be peeled and veg cooked.

At the till more madness. Only one customer per till and we had to load everything up at the end and were not allowed to bag until everything was scanned and put at the other end and the cashier stepped away. For safety... but she handled every item we bought, so whose safety and how would that work?? It also took way too long, for no real reason that I could see would be effective... then they did not take cash for risk of it being contaminated, but I had to tap in my pin number for the credit card.... ! I used the end of my car keys...

What usually takes me 40 minutes door-to-door took 3.5 hrs. And I stocked up as I do not wish to experience this soon again... in fact I will try to minimise my trips to the shops. I think buying at the corner ship might be easier, quicker and safer... less people.

And btw, the UK's esteemed leader Bojo has now also got the virus... goodness knows how many people he has infected over the past week!

Just watched the rerun of Top Gear Bolivia trip.... wish I was there!
Six-Pot-Cafe in the making...
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Covid Fever 1 week 14 minutes ago #26330

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Yep, I had reason for a quick visit to the regional ( small) hospital pharmacy a couple days ago and observed the public and staff coming in and out heading to various wards and absolutely no awareness of sanitation that I could see even though there were hand sanction stations available. One can only hope that there were procedures in place at the ward entrance. Funny though , at the pharmacy window it is closed off like a bank with glass (?) window with a slit to pass cash at counter level and four or five holes in the glass about mouth high,,,, most people at the counter are older ....hard of hearing etc.
I watched with morbid humour as the old bloke (older than me that is ..ha ha ) said " eh say that again " to the pharmacist who repeated it and asked another question to the old bloke and it ended up both parties were leaning forward real close to the glass holes trying to hear each other...
It would be real easy to install a speaker system and have one of the many passing staff to wipe the counter down as they pass???
I tell you what! some arses need kicking!!
I know that I am not a guru but some things that should be done stand out like the proverbial dogs ball.
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Covid Fever 6 days 1 hour ago #26342

  • StanG
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Interesting to see how a virus can change a gentlemanly old man's no drama motorcycle club, where political discussions and criticism are discouraged. A couple times I thought I will get banned for expressing my motorcycle unrelated opinions!

Now I read what people think about the health care, politicians, state of affairs. I see all range of emotions and opinions. Sadness and despair, bewilderment, anger and even hate. Wow! How refreshing!
It's quite interesting to see how it always works the same predictable way - people suddenly become vocal when something directly affects them. Until then, permitted by luck or skill, somehow smoothly navigating through thick and thin in the system, 'comfortably numb' at arms length seemed like a good thing. People can't handle a bit of discomfort, going out of their way or involvment beyond what would require a bit of extra work. How ironic. When I moved to Canada I though everyone here is spoiled and oblivious to what real life and struggles are, having the biggest tragedy to have their hockey or baseball team loose. I still can't relate to this and I tell you, I can handle this sudden crisis much better than most from what I see.

The conformist society practices, deflecting constructive criticism because most people like to talk but not get involved. Now, when the 'alternative reality' hits them, the outrage and the blame game is on and fair. Everyone seems to know best seeing the world in black and white. It is so much easier. It requires less brain power and less imagination. Even better if there is a scapegoat. This becomes way more apparent in times of crisis, but it's nothing really new, just becomes it's more apparent.

Before I will look like a sarcastic prick and a preacher, a couple more concrete observations based on what I read.

Just to remind, I'm talking from Vancouver, Canada. After the surgery for my burnt leg, during one of my visits to the post-op place at the Vancouver General Hospital, a guy came up to the front desk on the 3rd floor with a big unkempt looking dog. It was just a personal pet. I was sitting there waiting to be called in. The guy wandered around, the dog sniffed a couple people, even right at the sign in desk which is just feet away from the open door space where people lie on beds with open wounds! Nobody said anything, and I assume it's not forbidden. As much as I like animals, I think that was outrageous and should not be happening.

In a similar way, it is a common practice here to see medical stuff, be it medical laboratory, nurses or just a general hospital staff, wear their hospital work uniform on the way to work. 0n the streets, on crowded buses and trains, with often the dirty homeless which we have plenty, those with garbage bags full of empty cans for sale. Right next to them, or sitting where who knows was sitting there before. I think it's even more outrageous than bringing a dog to a hospital by some idiot - those people are supposed to be professionals and should know better!! But again, I guess there are no regulations against this as well.

I am about 7 weeks after my surgery. I had three wounds. 0ne - the graft donor area. The second - a large donor area. The third - a smaller area where infected tissue was removed. In the process the
donor area didn't heal because it became infected. Despite a nasty look, which should had been easily recognized by a professional surgeon. Despite a long past due for the expected full healing, I was told all is good and I was send home. Next day it became so bad I ended up in emergency with IV and 10 more days on antibiotics. Just like with the donor area, the big and small graft areas were not healing properly because the dressing they used was completely sealing them. It kept oozing and oozing. Finally, I decided to take it into my own hands and exposed them to fresh air. Finally, the proper healing process started and progressed nicely. Unfortunately, a small portion of the small area, which had stitches and staples, continued to ooze. A week ago, when cleaning it, I pulled a piece of a stitch from it!!! Yesterday, it still looks bad, I saw something in the middle spot (it's 3 round spots). I would need to dig into it with tools to examine and possibly pull it, so I decided to keep it dry for now, as there is really not much else I can do. It looks red around so there might be a local infection happening, and the antibacterial ointment I am using is helping only to an extend. And now, I have no access to doctors and antibiotics.

In this 'free' Canadian health care system there is a lot of ignorance, incompetence, arrogance, dismissal and very little prophylactic practice. The corners are cut, treatments and patient care is half-assed. This goes way before this current corona virus situation, that's why I am mentioning it. I am mentioning it because many will blame any mess on the virus, as always finding an excuse. And there is no excuse for not having a well functioning system in place by now, but a perpetually getting worse one! That's not just health care, but all levels of how the country is being governed and that includes an endless list of invisible idiocy in place on top of all the visible disfunction. And now, in this new reality, there is no help. I can't go to a doctor, I can't go to a walk in clink. They only accept calls and accept only cases which are deemed life threatening. Same with emergency services. So basically, I have to stay now without help, with a problem resulting from a botched substandard medical care provided by local 'professionals', and pray to universe it will be alright.

I could give you many similar examples of how it's been done here, and that is providing a very minimalistic service, unfinished treatment leaving the patient on their own to follow up with any complications elsewhere. My father got cancer in his toe from a sloppy otherwise easy procedure, and my friend has a big new lump in her breast after another procedure because it was done sloppy and incorrect. Now, she also has to wait as they don't do anything about it this time. And who knows until when?

Why am I saying this? It's is to show that the system has been bad long before this virus arrived. Now you don't get help, but that help wasn't always available as one might believe so. 0f course it was easier and became even worse now. The fallout of the combination of having the incompetent system and the endemic are way beyond the superficial inconveniences. Cancer treatments are being put on hold, for example. And this points back to my earlier post about a system which is build like a house of cards. This manic globalization and massive immigration trend that has been pushed onto societies by liberal minds is a huge source of poverty, inequality, and mess. Mind you, many of those mind happen to be the richest people in the world. Good for those who had it a smooth ride so far because they were lucky. But that's just a part of the society where at least here, in the beautiful British Columbia, others are told by the 'elit' this: 'don't like it - shut up, suck it up, stop whining, or get the hell out of here'. 0pening your mouth is discouraged. You shouldn't dare to questin the system. Just like in the 'bad communism'! Never seen such self serving, indifferent, egoistic, unfriendly and superficial environment as here. But you bet, it serves some well, very well.

So, anyone can poop on Trump and likes, as an example, but the picture is way wider and deeper. I don't think Trump is all milk and honey, but I have a great respect for him be it for surviving constant, 24/7, attacks on him from day one in the office. Even before. And he's done a lot of good. I wish Canada had a similar figure, finally someone who would sort out the mess and really put Canadians first. It's obvious that the other side is driven by hate and desire to oppose him at all costs. Because he is so bad? No! Because they want to be in power and enforce their agenda on EVERYBoDY. Even right now, they (Pelosi) were pushing their own political and financial interests opposing signing the pandemic help bill. Same here in Canada - instead of focusing on helping people, the liberals in a sneaky way were asking for more money and more power to their liberal agenda while negotiating the pandemic help package. Frankly, I think the liberalism in the 21st Century evolved into something similar to a cult, a mental disorder. Beautiful words on the outside, hate and self serving elitists on the inside. Preaching equality and tolerance, but practicing diversion and degrading anything that does not agree with them as 'low life', the 'deplorable's'. Before Trump got elected all the hysterical talking heads were screaming bloody murder and pledging their move to Canada. Did even one? In the meantime, how many Canadian actors, musicians, ex politicians, live in the USA? Including ex Canada's Prime Minister and his family! Talk about hypocrisy.

Regarding the virus, when I watch local TV, I can't even understand who they said! What's their point! There is the Prime Minister, who reads 10 minute script containing zero substance from a sheet of paper. Nothing new there since day one in the office. I guess that's all drama teachers and clowns can do. Then I hear from a Health Minister. Then I turn on the TV and we have Chief Medical 0fficer. Then Deputy Chief Medical 0fficer. Then local provincial Chiefs, Deputies, a local provincial Minister of Health. Then Chief Medical Doctor of BC, chief Doctor of Canada. But wait. The Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness is talking about what's happening. Minister of Families and Children, Minister of Seniors, Minister of Middle Class Prosperity. We also have Minister of Digital Government, Minister of Climate Change, Minister of 0fficial Languages, and of course, Minister of Diversity. There are a couple dozen more. You don't know whom to listen to, who is responsible, and creating confusion is without a doubt done on purpose. When crap hits the fan, it's as usually pointing fingers in circles, and no accountability. Tears and apologies, then the official is moved to another position. Like in rrumpt communism. Every winter the great white North, Canada, is shocked with a snow fall and can't handle it! A disaster and emergency every year! Now, with this virus endemic, being unprepared is a surprise, or perhaps a pattern? Money was spent elsewhere. The overpaid bureaucracy runs the country without punity.

Speaking of which, there is a list of essential services that will stay open. All the non-essential businesses must stay closed. Social distancing will get strictly monitored. And yet the diversity strikes again - people from different backgrounds, with whom I work, have very different ideas what personal distance and hygiene is. It's dangerous. And I've been told diversity is Canada's strength? Imagine this - the construction work is and will go on! All construction! Why? They said it's because it brings money. I returned to work in construction. Social distancing is impossible to enforce. We work on a private condominium, entering tenant's units. You often need more than one person to do a task. Sometimes next to each other (which I refuse). Couldn't we stop for a month? We are not building a bridge connecting two parts of the city! Apparently not, because money is more important than people in the beautiful British Columbia.

So, winding down my very long yet very short, considering what can be said, post. There is a lot of the usual ignorance and stupidity out there, nothing really new that suddenly appeared, and sadly recognized only in times of crisis. My bet is this current situation will at the end will teach very little and be soon forgotten. The incompetent politicians will retire, or change positions within the system with the same empty without substance slick words to offer. Laughing all the way to the bank, as usual. The rich will stay richer, and the cockroaches will keep on sucking it up even more. In the meantime, it might get much worse for ordinary folks - until a vaccine is available. And before anyone will label me mr. negative, there are many good things here in Canada on the West Coast. 0ne is fresh and cheap sushi.
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