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hi revving setting 6 months 1 week ago #26929

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Hi Scotch, Apologies for the slow response but worth the wait ?
Re my:- 1982 KZ1300-A4

Thanks for your very clear description for setting up the carbs which leaves no room for misunderstanding the process.
I did not replace the throttle-shaft seals in the initial strip, clean and reassemble.
The linkage rods were adjusted correctly, several times and I followed your process for absolute certainty in the set up with the butterfly valves. ( bench setting)
With out belabouring the problem, my frustration and the inordinate time putting carbs on the bike , pulling them off etc, The problem was solved.

Earlier, when I mentioned that I had to manually push the "pulley for the throttle cable" to get the idle down, I finally worked out that the stop on the" bracket for the pulley cable" might be holding the throttle pulley from closing properly, despite the cable itself having plenty of slack.The fast idle screw was backed off .( as it turned out)

I loosened the two counter sunk screws holding this bracket which allowed the "stop" to be loose and immediately the next start the revs were normal. This meant that this "stop" was inhibiting the butterfly valves from closing to their initial set point.....from there it all fell together . ( un@##*believable) It was a tiny adjustment that made the difference.Fine adjustment is just that ..fine!

The bike starts mostly on first try with a little choke. I did fit the modified choke jet earlier. Once warmed it idles evenly at about 900 or less rpm and with a tiny adjustment to the initial setting of the air/fuel screw 3.5 turns out and then using the colortune this ratio was also set. I should mention that I did sync the carbs using my "Raytech..SynchroKing.4. ( Australia made) and all three carbs were very even. Readings within 1 or 2 mm/hg of each other.

After all this, it is obvious that I am not far off from being a genius!

I would again like to thank every one on the forum who offered advice and experience. A generous group of people indeed.

Off topic briefly: I do a bit of sailing and years ago racing ( slowly I might add) in the world and state titles ran by our club that year, a member was a world title holder and in the top three several times..would not give you the time of day to help out for fear of loosing something. Don't ask me what?

Cheers Bill

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hi revving setting 6 months 1 week ago #26931

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"'morning? Bill ! Kinda like Christmas for me to read of your discovering the issue. Kudos for sticking with it ! Despite your description, I am finding it difficult to understand the interference you explain, regarding the "bracket". I've looked at the manual pictures but they're not helpful so plan on removing my tank for a real-time view and see if I can fully appreciate what you describe. Unlike some who simply say," it's fixed" and carry on, My brain needs to get wrapped around the problem you had - even if it was something unique to you. "Inquiring minds need to know".
Regardless, and again; very happy for you !
There's a lesson here and kawboy has made mention of this many times. Over simplified - "Dissect the crap out of a problem and work through it to a conclusion".
Yes: it was worth the wait.
Think I'll take the sail-boat out for a cruise :woohoo:
1980 KZ 1300 sr# KZT30A-009997
Always High - Know Fear !

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hi revving setting 6 months 5 days ago #26981

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I'll chime in to say that in my world of PC repair, merely making the problem go away is not nearly enough for me. If I don't know what caused the problem and how to avoid it in the future, I don't feel that I've solved it.

This explains why I never got on well with my jackass corporate managers who cared only about stats--they didn't give a shit about Progress, only about kicking the can down the road until it was somebody else's problem.
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