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water pump shaft removal? 1 year 8 months ago #30552

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AvE does a good test of 6 point vs 12 point box wrenches and comes to the conclusion there's no difference (at least for good quality wrenches on undamaged bolts). 

We're getting a little off topic here but just to comment, his test was done using a grade 8 bolt as identified by the 6 radial lines marked on the head of the bolt.  90% of all the fasteners most of you will come across are grade 5 fasteners simply because most mechanical components are designed to be able to use grade 5 for cost reasons. Grade 8 and higher fasteners are a far more specialized fastener and usually are between 3 to 5 times more expensive.
So why bring this up? Grade 8 fasteners are a higher quality steel that has had a heat treatment process done on them so a hardened steel. The likely hood of "stripping the corners off of them with 12 point drives is low. On the contrary, grade 5 fasteners are soft cheap steel, capable of doing the job, easy to manufacture, no heat treatment required, quality control can be kept to a minimum and therefore cost relatively low. However, because they are made of a soft steel, the likely hood of damaging the head of the fastener is relatively high, so now we really need to be more cognizant of our tooling. A general rule of thumb in the millwright trade for grade 5 fasteners is  install, use, remove and discard, IE a one time fastener.

Had this test been done with grade 5 fasteners, the results would have been much more different. Significant damage would have shown up on the head of the bolt when using the 12 point wrench.

Sorry to go off topic, but some clarity needed to be infused here.


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water pump shaft removal? 1 year 8 months ago #30600

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I thought I would treat the bike to these while I had the head off. Not cheap with customs import duty and charges
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